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What are you looking for?

Join forces with the largest growth capital investor in Slovakia.
We will help you achieve your goals.

How does it work?

Founder's journey


Jump-start a business

Get all the nuts and bolts ready. Verify your idea, design your prototype, and test the MVP. Do the financials. Write a kick-ass pitch deck and update your website.


Negotiate terms

We prepare a detailed overview of your company, valuation, and draft of the contract including terms and a business plans. Sign a contract and finalize formalities.

Enjoy support

Access resources for founders, consult strategy, meet our community and find synergies.



Submit a pitch

Once we receive your pitch, our investment team will get in touch and review your business plan.



Get Investment

Obtain fund tranches for your growth.




Dream bigger

We help you to achieve your financial goals. These may include exit, expansion, but also future rounds of funding.







What are we looking for?

Outstanding founders of seed and pre-seed businesses with a vision, innovative product, dynamic team, and daring business plan. 


Seed and

pre-seed stage

Up to 3 years of age or
5 years of age in Bratislava


Based in Slovakia

A registered business in Slovakia.


Innovative companies

Cutting-edge products, innovative services, breathtaking USPs, and ambitious business plans.

Let's connect

Are you a startup? Great, tell us more!

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